Do you love me? SEND ME SOME MAIL!
Email: jessica.biorn@myldsmail.net
MTC Address (effective July 17th, 2013):
Sister Jessica Marie Biorn
2009 N 900 E Unit 196
Provo UT 84602
Mission Address (tentatively effective in September 16, 2013):
Sister Jessica Marie Biorn
Russia Moscow Mission
Muravskaya St, 1D, Floor 3
Moscow 125310
VERY IMPORTANT!!! – Just a couple things about snail mail in Russia. 1) You don’t have to use my first and middle name. 2) Make sure the address is correct and exact or I won’t get it…and then I’ll be sad. 3) When sending a letter outside the US, it requires higher postage than just a $0.46 stamp. So make sure to get the right postage or I won’t get it…and I’ll be sad. AND 5) The mailing system is not the most reliable, so sending packages and snail mail stuff might take a lot longer than you’d expect. I would love to have handwritten letters, however, email is faster. So if you’re really concerned about it, then email would be your best bet. Once I get to Russia, I’ll confirm whether the mail is actually reliable enough for packages. VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: If you are sending packages through a private courier, you will need the mission office telephone number (7 499-424-0180). Packages are a little bit riskier than letters are, so, even though I know you love me, don’t send expensive things. Russians are great, but the mailing system is a little sketch. If you are going to send packages, I would also recommend putting a picture of Mary or one of the Saints on the front of it. Russians are VERY superstitious and are less likely to touch the package if it has a picture of a religious figure on there. 
You can also write me through the website http://www.dearelder.com/.
Sister Biorn’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessie.biorn

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